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This unique piece has been crafted with natural clays and enamels, always conserving the traditional method dating back from the XVI century. Handmade by artisans from the Puebla Region, Mexico. 

This pieces is part of the "Alarca Collection" which was curated by the master Miguel Cervantes and the plastic artist Jan Hendrix. It has been presented in various museums and galleries of which the following stand out:
  • Amparo Museum (1997)
  • American Society, New York (1998)
  • Maison Hamel Bruneau, Quebec (1998)
  • National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing (2006)
  • National Museum of Ceramics and Arts Suntuarias GOnzález Martí, Valencia (2007)
  • Franz Mayer Museum / Mexico City (2007)
  • Ceramic Museum, Barcelona (2007)
  • Museum of America / Madrid (2007)
  • Musée du QuaiBranly / Paris (2009)


55cm high



It originates from Baghdad in the 9th century. The Arabs, with the desire to imitate the Chinese ceramics that came to that area, discovered this ingenious technique. It was transported to Spain during the invasion of the Moors and later established roots in Mexico with the Spanish conquest in the 16th century.



The galery was born in 1990 with the objective of rescuing one of the most important artisan processes in Mexico and taking it without separating from the tradition that dates back to the 16th century, to its contemporaneity. The Talavera de la Reyna Gallery was officially inaugurated in 2010. It is the headquarters of the "Alarca Collection" considered the most important in Latin America in this technique, where more than 70 artists from different disciplines have participated.

Alarca Collection ... the result of the interventions of various authors, the meticulous work of artisans and the passion of Angelica Moreno.


Talavera DO4-002, granted in 1998 by the IMPI and the NOM, guarantees the authenticity of the production process and the highest quality of each of our pieces.


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