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Yucca ceramic vase from the Bloom collection. The Yucca vase combines an eco-responsible rowan design and an exotic escape. Echoing the flower of the same name, both the vase and the latter stand out for their finesse and robustness.


The Yucca ceramic vase echoes the ornamental plant of the same name. Indeed, coming from South-East America, the Yucca flower illustrates finesse and robustness. Thanks to its exotic air, both the vase and the flower perfectly match the soft and rounded curves. The Yucca vase draws its features from this plant which combines height and confidence. Indeed, it affirms a solid and thin design, ideal to be exposed just as well in a private space as public. Thanks to its bottle shape, the Yucca vase takes its place as an interior decoration. In fact, as a centerpiece or placed on the floor, the Yucca vase brings a touch of interior decoration and tableware. With its unique design, the Yucca ceramic vase is an essential element of interior decoration. Indeed, it can both sublimate bouquets of flowers or be sufficient on its own.

The Yucca vase is available in 4 colors: lava stone, wine lees, matt burnt wood and matt white sand. In addition, it matches perfectly with the Callune vase.

Technical characteristics of the Yucca vase:

↑ 39cm Ø base 11cm Ø entry 4.7cm

Designed in Belgium, handcrafted in Portugal, By Bloom.