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Becal Fan

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Our Becal fans feature the work of two different artisans from the State of Campeche in southeast Mexico. First, Federico, who lives in the small town of Escárcega, hand cuts the wood.

Secondly, Milagro de Atocha, from Becal, is in charge of the weaving process. She collects the Jipi Japa palm fibres and gives them a special treatment for them to be the right colour and texture to begin the weaving process. All the weaving has to be done in underground caves, since they provide the perfect humidity for the flexibility of the fibres.

It takes Milagro about six hours to weave one single fan. 

All our pieces are hand-made using local raw materials, please take into consideration that there might be slight changes in the color of the wood or fiber. Every piece is unique!

Measurements: 31cm Length and 23cm. 

Handcrafted in Mexico