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Del Maguey Chichipapa

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DEL MAGUEY, MEXICO Del Maguey is a collection of rare, complex and non-blended Mezcals, distilled by families in remote villages of Oaxaca. Each Mezcal is bottled with the name of the village where it was produced. After harvesting the agaves, the piñas (or hearts) are laid to cook on top of red-hot stones that have previously been prepared by a palenquero, in holes dug in the earth. This naturally slow cooking technique takes several days. Once cooked, the piñas are milled with a stone mill powered by a horse or donkey. The resulting juice is left to ferment with indigenous yeasts over several days. Double-distillation is then carried out in copper or clay stills, heated by wood fire. The Mezcals produced by Del Maguey are undoubtedly heirs of more than four century-old tradition and are all certified organic.

Del Maguey Chichicapa 46%, 0.7cl -

Mezcal The village of Chichicapa is two hours south of Oaxaca, and 2 hours to the west on a dirt road. The pueblo elevation is about 7,000 feet. Chichicapa is separated from the valley of Oaxaca by a mountain range. The valley is broad, about thirty miles deep and ten miles wide. The climate is desert and tropical, with banana trees, guava, mangoes and other exotic fruits. Faustino Garcia Vasquez is the maker of Chichicapa. He is a humble and talented craftsmen with great respect for the ancient processes. Profile: Nose: relatively light nose. Palate: deep and sweet on the tongue with lots of citrus and a very complex character. Finish: It has a long finish with developing smokiness and a hint of chocolate and mint at the end.