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Florence Coenraets

ELSA earrings

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Echo is the jewelry collection born from the collaboration of two Belgian designers, Florence Coenraets and Aurore Havenne. A true ode to craftsmanship, each piece, made by hand, combines a unique feather and precious metal. The meeting of the two creators materializes in the realization of unique jewels, composed of two universes that everything seems to oppose: the density of the metal and the lightness of the feather, the geometric and the organic, the regular and the uneven. Aurora’s minimalism and purity interact with Florence’s work of raw material, gold and silver underline the uniqueness of each feather.

Elsa earrings, made of sterling silver and a "petit gris" duck feather, combine movement and volume in a light weight. Length: 9.5cm

Handcrafted in Belgium, by Florence Creations & Aurore Havenne.