About Us


Your Place For Now is a new concept store that will astonish at the first sight! Why? It’s a labour of love. Love for beautiful objects, for travel, and for people who create.

In Your Place For Now you will find a range of furniture created by various designers, home decoration, fashion accessories and jewelry. 

One day Fabienne - Your Place For Now founder and curator of the collection  – returned from a trip to Mexico and decided to change her life. Moved by the quality of design she found there and the passion and creativity of the designers she met, she decided to create a space to share it with other people back home in Belgium. A place that is  at once a concept store and a gallery. 

The current collection is entirely dedicated to Mexican and Belgian artists and a field of contemporary art which is barely acknowledged  in the European market.

All the objects which you will find here have their own story and their own soul. They are durable, of excellent quality, made only by local designers respecting their tradition and following fair trade rules.


Aside on this webshop, where can you visit us ?

Our pop-up store is located in Antwerp, Schutterhofstraat 42.

We are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11AM to 6PM. And every first Sunday of the month. 

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What’s the popup store about ?

It’s way more than a simple store. It is at once a store and the gallery… dedicated to art from here, but first of all, from the other countries. Each year I dedicate my space to one country. Each month I present one designer, one creator or one artist.

I love travelling. I love searching and I always follow my gut feeling.

I’m passionate about discovering and sharing my discoveries, surprising others but first of all, presenting the artists who imagined and created such beautiful things.


Why Mexico ?

Excellent question. People ask me that very often.

I think that our vision of Mexico is quite clichéd…We have those stereotype objects in mind – like sombreros, ponchos and mariachis with big moustaches! Even my friends were trying to convince me that Mexico wouldn’t be the best choice. But again..I stuck to my gut feeling and I was right. Now, everybody is surprised how rich and diverse this country is!

Mexico isn’t just a holiday’s destination. This country is astonishing, filled with creativity which we don’t know well yet.

Of course, I’d love to share, to surprise but mainly, to tell the stories about those people, the way the work, product, function..that’s one of  the main reasons I’ve decided to open it as a gallery as well.


What country is next on your map ?

Every year, I will present a new country, that’s clear. I’m still in Mexico though, I don’t project myself to the future. I live in the present moment!

It doesn’t mean that each year I will switch to something else and stop collaborating with previous countries and artists. They will be always welcome to present their new pieces, but the collection itself will evolve, and will follow new destinations…


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