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Table Cloth (large)

Table Cloth (large)

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Measure: 240 X 170 cm



Handmade in Mexico, Oaxaca
Different colors:
* Gradient Black/Grey
* Gradient Light Blue
* Aqua/ Turquoise / Light Blue

The story behind:

The designer met Felipe and José, they are two of four brothers that has the business of making fabrics in Oaxaca.

Felipe showed how the machine works, the limitations of them, the colors they have, the kind of object they make. The excess of colors and combinations is notorious in their products. He thought there was a good chance for rethinking and to produce a lot of beautiful fabrics with them.

The designer was inspired by Oaxaca's context, the sky, typical costumes and how the houses are painted with two beautiful colors.

The two colors facades became the main concept of this textile collection. 


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